"...Impressed and Inspired..."

It is a treasured event to find a person with not only a natural talent and desire for healing but also a passion for learning and synthesizing the many aspects of an individual and integrate several disciplines into a holistic therapeutic protocol. I am always impressed and inspired by the zeal for her learning and her ability to transmit new resources to her clients for their well being. Also, her empathy and compassion for another’s distress shows the mark of a true healer. I’m proud to consider her a colleague and even more so to call her a friend.


Dr. Bill Celentano

"Young and beautiful Mother Theresa..."

Dear Eva,Thank you so much for your help with our “Glove 2 Glove” boxing non-denominational prayer network. Lois and I think/know that you are the best at what you do, which is helping others…sort of like a young and beautiful Mother Theresa.

Rusty Rubin,

Founder and Editor of RingSports


(Eva’s comment: well I’m young at heart!)

"She is a miracle worker..."

While working at a local graphics design company, one of the partners came in looking years younger. Knowing she had just seen Eva, I was incredibly impressed and excited by the dramatic changes I saw and wanted to try this for myself; this integrated health and healing method. My own miracles are no less dramatic. Family and friends have told me how much healthier and younger I look after seeing Eva. She is a miracle worker, not just for face, for posture, aches and pain but as well for the heart.

Nancy Quynn

Owner of Quynnessentials

"Eva is... a rich source of information..."

Eva as a Concierge: Eva, thank you for your help and referrals; you are always a rich source of information and suggestions. You continually enrich me with the metaphysical and practical wisdom you have and share. My only question is: when are you going to start “Eva’s list, the healing guide to the planet Las Vegas”. I find myself calling you instead of googling!

Gia “Gigi” Marino,

Las Vegas LMT & entrepreneur