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ABOUT EVA FUTCH - Wellness Explorer


I became a Wellness Explorer out of sheer necessity. It is now my passion, labor of love and spiritual path. I'm blessed to have studied with the leading teachers in the body/mind field such as Judith Aston (Aston Kinetics), Donna Eden (Energy Medicine) and Matthew Thie (Touch for Health) as well as spiritual guides like Dr. Deepak Chopra. The range of my practice goes from "cradle to grave" (so to speak). I can assist clients with things from reproductive problems (Dr. Arvigo) all the way to helping ease their transition through the hospice experience like I did as a comfort care volunteer at Nathan Adelson Hospice. Most of my work lands somewhere in between with a particular focus on Aston Kinetics including the natural facelift, fitness, ergonomics, nutrition and emotional healing. The gift of Aston-Kinetics helps clients understand how our bodies are affected by gravity and how to counter act its negative effect by tapping into "ground reaction force". (Law of Newton) This helps to restore natural alignment (posture) and dynamic well being. By peeling off layers of tension and restoring energy levels, many clients even turn back time, which I document on photos for their educational experience. I'm also a Wellness Concierge and love to connect people to other excellent professionals for their health and well being, because health and healing may "take a Village":-) I enjoy continuing education and have over 50 certificates in the Health and Wellness field.

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